Saturday, June 07, 2003

Welcome to the start of my Blog. EntroPC is all about the evolution of personal computing, including, but certainly not limited to the Wintel-compatible PC (which we used to call the IBM-compatible PC).

My name is Kevin Krewell. I'm an analyst, editor, and general manager at this company. But that publication only covers a portion of my interests. I'm looking at this site as an outlet for other interesting "things" that I don't have the opportunity to write about.

If you google me, you see that I do get into a lot of computer publications. With this site I'd like to express my thoughts directly to the reader, not through another writer and without the polish of our copy editor. I hope you will find it interesting.

I have to admit that the Forbes article on Blogging and the Business 2.0 story on Drudge were my main inspirations. I enjoy slashdot (although I wouldn't call it a Blog, Arik), techdirt, gizmodo, and wilwheaton.

I consider myself a life-long geek, but mostly a hardware/science geek. I couldn't grok software very well and still have trouble with it. I only overcame my mental block on writing in the last five years. I'm a bad speller (but getting better) and get dixlectic (see how bad my spelling is) swap letters at times when typing. This makes writing slower and less intuitive for me, but it's getting better as I wrtie (there's that letter swapping thingie) more. Maybe it's from being left-handed; and maybe not.

My main tool for writing is a Fujitsu P2000 notebook. It's small, light, has an acceptable keyboard for a mininotebook, has an integrated CD-ROM drive (W/RW and good DVD playback), 1394, and has great battery life with the optional extended battery. The display is only 10.4in, but bright and wide-screen (1280x768). I just need to use my glasses to read it. My home has had DSL since 1999 and 802.11b since 2001. I'm a big believer in wireless in the home. I'm writing this from the kitchen table, but I also access the internet while in bed, in the backyard, and in the garage. Untethered is the life for me :-)

My gaming/video editing machine is home build, with an Athlon 3000+ and motherboard with an nForce2 chip set. I'm about to upgrade the video card to a Ti4600 from the GeForce 3 card I've had for a while.

Our household has 4 working WinTel PCs, one working Linux PC (to be used as my Samba server), a older Athlon MP Linux server in progress (to be used as my Apache/MySQL server), three Windows notebooks, three old-ish Palm PDAs, and one Linux PDA (Sharp Zaurus SL5500). Did I mention I really like to play with PCs?

I have no Apple Computers. Not that there's anything wrong with Apple (channeling Seinfeld), but I have a long history with and investment in Microsoft and Intel-compatible hardware. Besides, I can't buy the pieces to build my own MAC at Fry's. I am exploring Linux. Presently, I'm using SuSE 8.1. I was never a Unix user, but as an old DOS user, I can adapt. I came up through the CP/M, Concurrent DOS, GEM, PC-DOS, Windows experience.

OK, 'huf about me. Bye for now, I'll be back later. I have to get back to my life off-line.

Kevin Krewell

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