Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Bumper sticker: How am I Blogging? Call 1-800-get-blog

Wow, I had my second known reader: the ever bubbly, Michael Kanellos of C|Net. I have to me more careful with my spelling from now on.

So the Apple deal is winding down, but it certainly ruffled Intel's feathers. They don't like being called number two. The argument can be made for both sides. What if Apple used the same compilers IBM used to produce the Power4 SPEC numbers? A bet Apple's numbers would get a whole lot better. Anyway, I did confirm one interesting tidbit: Apple uses the AMD-8131 PCI-X HyperTransport Tunnel in the G5. The was reported by AMDZone, but only as a rumor. So AMD should be happy with that. AMD's embedded MIPS processor is also in the Airport Extreme.

Signing out for now. KK

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