Monday, June 09, 2003

Later that same day....
It getting late, but I wanted to add some more to EntroPC. First, I know the name only amuses me, but a Google search does provide a reference to an English lab with the same name.

I find Blogger easy to us, but will likely upgrade to a better level of service when its available. I want to add graphics and pictures. So I consider this "my first Blog" type of site for now. Until I get some inspirations, its will probably be more an execise for me, than something that will get much interest.

How sad :-( I'm getting choked up. I'm feeling very veclempt. Sniff. Intel invested billions into Itanium, but did not produce a clearly superior server processor. Discuss.

I was briefed last Monday on SUN's throughput computing and was interviewed by C|Net about it and UltraSPARC schedules. I think SUN has a chance to make a big difference in web services with throughput. Les Kohn is the insider who had to outside SUN to design it. But SUN was smart enough to get him back, it just cost SUN somthing like 28 million to buy his startup Afara. Les in one of those quiet, thin guys who looks like he continually forgets to eat.

There are some very interesting people who buildmicroprocessors. I'd like to build a site that interviews key processor designers: past , present, and maybe future. I find these people facinating and the whole processo of building a chip. The book Soul of the New Machine, by Tracy Kidder is still one of my favorite books. Unfortunately, I loaned it to someone who never returned it. Maybe a compilation of mini stories on various designers would work?

I need to get some sleep. Its a long week ahead.

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