Monday, June 30, 2003

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I just had a discussion tonight about the future of PCs. There are still many people who believe the PC is dead as a driver of innovation. That we've reached 2+ GHz and it's all over. Thanks for stopping by, but the PC revolution is old hat now. I don't believe it. I was one of those people who believed that a 500MHz PC processor was good enough. But still I use a 800MHz Crusoe and I know it's not fast enough. I have an Athlon XP model 3000+ PC at home for games, and I still could use more power. The dual 2GHz G5 processors in the new Apple G5 were so very great, I know I could use that power. It's not over just yet. There are applications waiting for more power, more address space, more memory. Real-time indexing of files and e-mails and pictures. That could be very useful and it requires a better PC system. I bet Microsoft's Longhorn will drive a LOT of PC sales. Security is another issue that could encourage corporations to invest in a new PC infrastructure. But yet, somehow my employer thinks I can still be productive with a 600MHz Pentium III and a very porous SPAM filter. Well not when we abopt Longhorn, say around 2006. Then I'll get an upgraded PC!

Of course, for our home viewers, there is Doom 3 from id software. But that will drive new graphics card primarily.

BTW, for those of you who ask. I suggest the following notebooks:
For corporate use and best overall performance:
Pentium M/Centrino notebooks

Best price/performance:
Athlon XP-M

Trusted manufacturers:

I don't recommend mobile P4, desktop replacement notebooks, or large notebooks. The heavy weight notebooks are a pain to carry around (unless you're Arnie), and usually the battery life sucks. If you really push those notebooks the CPU will heat up and will have to be throttled to keep from overheating. When the CPU gets throttled, your performance suffers. Try using one of those dig screen laptops on a plane with the small tray tables. The have the person in front of you put their seat all the way back. I know my Fujitsu P2010 works just fine in any circumstance.


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