Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boooo! It's a scary Halloween blog...from Hell!

So where was I? The media center PC is up and running (without RAID right now)- and it's running Vista (RC1, build 5600). Vista does actually look pretty nice, although I haven't run it all that much so far. It is after all, just an operating system. People make too much about it.

Now, the part that's still a work in progress is connecting it into my media room surroundsound system, and 720p projector. I really need an DVI or HDMI switch box. For now, manually switching cables will have to do.

Friday, September 08, 2006

But seriously....not that I try to be seious all that often. My latest project is a living room (or in my case media room) media PC in a low profile chassis. I have it assembled and wil post pictures. The problem that has stopped me is that I'm having trouble configuring the SATA drives to be boot drives. I tried to set the two SATA drives as RAID 0 configuration, but it Windows won't install on the drives. I hope to find the problem this weekend.

More to come..
Episode: Blog-ilicious

Last time our "hero" was struggling at Microprocessor Report. He loved processors and being a technology analyst, but the completely clueless company management was running it into the ground. What was he to do?

Along came the fair NVIDIA with an enticing proposition (and a wad of stock options) and led our hero to greener pastures. But were they all that much greener? Well, yes actually.

It's just our hero missed microprocessors. And so he decided to blog about his beloved microprocessors. And so, EntroPC is back!

Well enough of that.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Blogging time again!

Once again I hope to bring this blog back. I have been at a lot of interesting events recently and it would be cool to relay what I saw to you all (who aren't there just yet).

So stay tuned....

I have Macintel info coming; I just bought a Gateway Tablet PC convertible that I'm dying to try out; and I'm building my second Windows Media PC (not-quite-Viiv).

It's Baaack!!!!