Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Suddenly, he was back, blogging again.
Welcome back to the blog that never ends. OK, who remembers Emerson, Lake, and Powell (ELP)?
Someday, someone might read this. In the meantime, this is good practice for, like, when someone actually reads it.

I watched NBC's Last Comic Standing. I would have loved to compete in that, well if, you know, I was really funny or something.
Actually, I have some engineer/tech humor, but I don't think it would translate outside the valley. Most of my humor is based on puns, corny word play, or my New York sarcasm. Not quite primetime stuff. When I have more time, I'll share some of it. OK, don't go, I won't share it. I promise. :-)

I may have lost my only reader.

The rumors of a PowerPC970 Apple computer are making the rounds. But I can't say anything. Well, except Duh. Apple would be just plain nuts to pass up on the 970. Case closed. Oh, and those analysts that said Apple would switch to x86--did you all forget who Apple's customers were and their almost fanatical devotion to the Pope? I'm sorry, that's the Spanish Inquisition. Did you forget that it would be a massive project to convert all that PowerPC sofware to x86? Did you think Apple wants to compete directly with Microsoft and Dell? John Dvorak had the best one. Apple will convert to Itanium. That WAS a joke, John, RIGHT?

I have an idea. Perhaps Transmeta would create a PowerPC code-morphing processor and replace the last of Motorola's business in Apple. Just kidding.

Speaking of Transmeta--who thinks they will be around next year? With Intel's ULV Pentium M providing better performance and power savings very close to Crusoe, their niche is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. This blog is being written on a Crusoe (Fujitsu P2000), so it works, just slowly at times. In fact, the PC just seems to stall for a second or two before launching an application. This likely a mix of the LongRun kicking up the clock speeds and the first code morphing translation time. But it does work and that's actually a pretty amazing job. Unfortunately, it doesn't work fast enough, and while Transmeta is building a wider VLIW engine (Astro) to try to do more in parallel, the real trend in performance is multicore and multithreading (A.K.A. Hyper-Threading) processors.

So, there's some meat for you to chew on; if there was a real "you." Back to the report I was escaping from while I was writing this.

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