Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I'm back in the blog, again. I've still cutting through the Cell hype and mis-information that the news bubble on Cell created. The technology-challenged press had a hard time wrapping their heads around the story. Some wanted to instantly deflate it. (Michael, you know you wanted to say: Ha, this is just an overblow game chip!) But, vector processors are serious solutions to some workloads, just as EPIC (Itanium) works well on some vector code. But Cell is not a general purpose chip, just like EPIC.

On the home front, the home office de-contruction is proceeding. We will replace the rug with laminate wood flooring. I've packed up 80% of the books, software, and misc. stuff from the old shelves and I just picked up my $1K of new book cases. But we need to do the floor before I put the new bookcases in. I also need to patchup and paint the walls.

I'm about 4/5 or more of the way through Doom III. It's getting repetitious, but I'm going to plow through to the end. I liked the plot line of Half Life 2 and Far Cry better, but the scenery realism and lighting effects of Doom III are hard to beat.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rise! Arise from the dead my blog! It is time. buwhahaha.

OK, so much for the melodramatic re-introduction of my blog. At the Sun Analyst Conference, I raised my hand when one of the Sun CTOs asked who has a blog. I did have one, but stopped writing in it almost a year ago.

The problem is that I am not a natural writer. The day job takes a lot of concentration for me and I just don't feel like writing more at the end of the day. Why am I starting it again? Well, I'm not completely sure. Maybe I think I can turn it into a business? Not likely. That people will be thrilled to learn about the underbelly of the chip business. Well, so would I , but I'm not going to write about that. I guess it's mostly to gain more practice and learn to be able to put more of my Nu Yurk into my writing. Some more attitude. And an outlet for the stuff I can't put in an official publication.

Like: what is the worst kept secret in silicon valley chip business today? It's P.A. Semi. They are designing a PowerPC processor, and everyone knows it. The biggest part of the secret is whether they are doing it for Apple or not. If they have plans for Apple, I might want to remind them of a company called Exponential, who also built a chip just for Apple and then Apple said, er, no, we don't want it afterall. In this case, let the seller beware!

Out for now. I'll be back (said with an Austrian accent)