Tuesday, June 24, 2003

MAC'f'sizzle! I've been in the reality distortion zone and back! Got to see Mr. Jobs in action at the Apple WWDC.

It's amazing to see Steve leading the faithful. It's all "cool" and wizzy stuff. Me, a die hard WinDoze user was impressed with the slick features in Panther. When switching between users, the screen does a 3D block rotate on the screen where the old screen looks like the surface on a block that then rotates to show the new screen/login. Check out the quicktime demos on Apple's site.

The most controversial issue was Apple's claim to be the world's fastest PC, which they could not really substantiate. But, to me, that really wasn't what was important. Looking over all the G5 spec's and you see that this is an impressive graphics workstation: with up to 8G of DDR DRAM, three PCI-X slots, gig ethernet, faster firewire, dual CPUs, intelligent power management, AGP 8xPro and on, and on. Who cares if it is or isn't the fastest at everything? It's fastest at MAC software and it is competitive with PC application performance. The SPEC benchmark is flawed, as are all benchmarks. It's just one measure among many to judge a PC or server.

I must still be feeling the effects...I may need an emergency DOS session. :-)

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