Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm back!
After a fling with Vox, I'm back to Blogger and my EntroPC blog for technology. I'll keep Vox around for personal blogging about stuff like wine, beer, cars, etc. EntroPC will continue my technology-related thoughts and experiences.

For those who are wondering about the name, EntroPC is a pun on entropy and PCs. While I originally thought about the PC industry losing it's energy, I actually think that the industry has never been so dynamic. It keeps getting better and adapts to new markets. While I would argue that Intel's plans to move x86 processors into smartphones is not the most logical idea I ever heard, the development of small PC platforms (MIDs, UMPCs, OLPC) does show that the PC is very adaptable.

I also believe that the PC is the best gaming platform; better than consoles. The reason is that a PC can be adapted to to be an excellent game console, but a game console will never be a good PC. I'd love to see someone develop a game PC that did just that. I think Dell or HP could do it. It just seems that no one has the will to do it. The company I work for, NVIDIA, could do it, but it lacks the consumer channels, very deep packets, and will to compete with its own customers (Microsoft and Sony).

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