Sunday, October 07, 2007

I just finished my participation on TWiT 116! I'm almost an occasional semi-regular guest as this is my third TWiT (not counting the MacWorld episode where I was in the audience and also asked a question).

Not to sound too fawning, but I really enjoy the TWiT pod/netcasts. I usually listen to them on the way to work in the car.

If you'd like to make a comment about my guest appearance, please be kind. I'm more a print guy, than a radio guy, although I was a big fan of Bob and Ray. In college, on occasion, I would help a friend of mine on his college radio show with a sort of Bob and Ray-style improvisation. Bob and Ray humor is very dry, and is kind of a cross between Bob Newhart and Monty Python.

Unless Leo edits it out, at one point you'll hear a door slam and a rattling sound - that's the door to the garage next to my office closing (it's spring loaded to force it to close), which cause the metal shelve holding my train collection to vibrate (see pic).

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