Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is crazy! Forbes reports that Apple is buying P.A.Semi:
There is some bad speculation in the Forbes story, but it's really hard to imagine this turn of events.

It could be that Apple wants on in-house desing team and buying PA Semi gives them one. Dobberpuhl has designed chips for just about every instruction set except x86. Hmmmm. Naw, Apple won't try to design its own x86 processor, would it? Not after Montalvo Systems just got sold for scrap.

More than likely Apple wants more control for its iPhone and media devices. And we know Steve likes control. There might even be something in the works that Apple couldn't find a vendor that had the exact right solution.

Here's part of the CNet take from Tom Krazit:
Apple acquires low-power chip designer P.A. Semi
Posted by Tom Krazit Apple has reportedly made a rare acquisition, snapping up low-power chip company P.A. Semi one day before reporting its quarterly earnings.

Forbes reported late Tuesday that Apple has agreed to purchase the company for a middling $278 million, quoting Apple spokesman Steve Dowling as confirming the deal. P.A. Semi made its debut a few years back designing low-power chips based on Apple's old friend, the Power architecture.

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