Thursday, April 17, 2008

The AMD news today was pretty bad, but it was expected. It did raise some questions:
1. What happened to the Bobcat core? We were told Bulldozer is in development and is scheduled to ship in 2009, but Dirk dodged answering about Bobcat (light weight core for products that would compete with Intel's Atom).

2. Will we EVER see asset light? Hector has been using this allusion for a year now with no visible movement. But let's be real - if AMD splits into two (foundry and fabless processor company), the two parts would still be inexorably linked to each other's fate.

3. It's about time AMD was realistic about the ATI media processor (DTV, Cell phone, settop box) business and sell it off for some badly needed revenue. I expect the sale of those business units will be part of the 10% personnel reduction.

4. I feel bad for those who will lose their jobs. I hope its none of my friends still there.

5. Dirk, I think you should get back involved in fixing CPU engineering - it doesn't look like its working well without you. Barcelona needs ~500MHz more; Bulldozer has to hit schedule; you better decide on your 32nm process ASAP; Fusion threatens to disappoint in practice; you can't rely on Intel going off track again (although Nehalem could still be too bloated to be cost-effective in mainstream CPUs).

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