Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I'm back in the blog, again. I've still cutting through the Cell hype and mis-information that the news bubble on Cell created. The technology-challenged press had a hard time wrapping their heads around the story. Some wanted to instantly deflate it. (Michael, you know you wanted to say: Ha, this is just an overblow game chip!) But, vector processors are serious solutions to some workloads, just as EPIC (Itanium) works well on some vector code. But Cell is not a general purpose chip, just like EPIC.

On the home front, the home office de-contruction is proceeding. We will replace the rug with laminate wood flooring. I've packed up 80% of the books, software, and misc. stuff from the old shelves and I just picked up my $1K of new book cases. But we need to do the floor before I put the new bookcases in. I also need to patchup and paint the walls.

I'm about 4/5 or more of the way through Doom III. It's getting repetitious, but I'm going to plow through to the end. I liked the plot line of Half Life 2 and Far Cry better, but the scenery realism and lighting effects of Doom III are hard to beat.

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