Monday, January 25, 2010

This Wednesday, Apple will announce something new. The bulk of the conjecture is that it will be a Tablet/slate computer. Every pundit has an opinion. I'm feeling left out of all the punditry.

So, here's my thoughts (not that you asked):
If there is an Apple Tablet/Slate (BTW, I have not seen a good definition of the category), It will be more like a large iPOD Touch - ARM-based, designed for media consumption and web browsing. But the difference is that it will also have a cellular 3G modem, GPS, along with WiFi and BlueTooth.

What I'm not sure of is whether it will have a camera on the back, front, both, or neither. I can make arguments for all. A camera on the back will be useful for videos and augmented reality; a camera on the front for personal videoconferencing and video blogging.

As such, the platform has a lot of possibilities - mount in a car dock for navigation w/realtime traffic, music, email. For the car, it should have voice commands and text to voice. It will have digital magazines, books, as well as play video and music.

My bet is that it will be ~10" in size to maximize screen area while not making it too big to carry anywhere. I also expect a nice high-resolution, multi-touch display (more than 1024x600).

While this version may not have the processor being developed by the former PA Semi team, eventually, it will.

I'd really like to see this product be the beginning of a new future in computer UI. Something like the future we've seen in Star Trek and Minority Report. And that's why Wednesday will have everyone on the edge of their seat - will we be transported to a shiny new future, or will we just get a big iPOD?

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